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JBoss Fuse 7 Adapter

{project_name} supports securing your web applications running inside JBoss Fuse 7.

JBoss Fuse 7 leverages Undertow adapter which is essentially the same as as {fuse7Version} is bundled with Undertow HTTP engine under the covers and Undertow is used for running various kinds of web applications.

The only supported versions of Fuse 7 is {fuse7Version}. If you use earlier versions of Fuse 7, it is possible that some functions will not work correctly. In particular, integration will not work at all for earlier versions of Fuse 7 than 7.0.1.

Security for the following items is supported for Fuse:

  • Classic WAR applications deployed on Fuse with Pax Web War Extender

  • Servlets deployed on Fuse as OSGI services with Pax Web Whiteboard Extender and additionally servlets registered through org.osgi.service.http.HttpService#registerServlet() which is standard OSGi Enterprise HTTP Service

  • Apache Camel Undertow endpoints running with the Camel Undertow component

  • Apache CXF endpoints running on their own separate Undertow engine

  • Apache CXF endpoints running on the default engine provided by the CXF servlet

  • SSH and JMX admin access

  • Hawtio administration console

Securing Your Web Applications Inside Fuse 7

You must first install the {project_name} Karaf feature. Next you will need to perform the steps according to the type of application you want to secure. All referenced web applications require injecting the {project_name} Undertow authentication mechanism into the underlying web server. The steps to achieve this depend on the application type. The details are described below.