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CLI Recipes

Here are some configuration tasks and how to perform them with CLI commands. Note that in all but the first example, we use the wildcard path ** to mean you should substitute or the path to the keycloak-server subsystem.

For standalone, this just means:

** = /subsystem=keycloak-server

For domain mode, this would mean something like:

** = /profile=auth-server-clustered/subsystem=keycloak-server

Change the web context of the server


Set the global default theme


Add a new SPI and a provider


Disable a provider


Change the default provider for an SPI


Configure the dblock SPI

**/spi=dblock/provider=jpa/:add(properties={lockWaitTimeout => "900"},enabled=true)

Add or change a single property value for a provider


Remove a single property from a provider


Set values on a provider property of type List