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Preparing for Upgrading

Before you upgrade, be aware of the order in which you need to perform the upgrade steps. Also note potential issues that can occur within the upgrade process. In general, you must upgrade {project_name} server first, and then upgrade the adapters.

  1. Prior to applying the upgrade, handle any open transactions and delete the data/tx-object-store/ transaction directory.

  2. Back up the old installation (configuration, themes, and so on).

  3. Back up the database. For detailed information on how to back up the database, see the documentation for the relational database you are using.

  4. Upgrade {project_name} server.

    • Testing the upgrade in a non-production environment first, to prevent any installation issues from being exposed in production, is a best practice.

    • Be aware that after the upgrade the database will no longer be compatible with the old server

    • Ensure the upgraded server is functional before upgrading adapters in production.

  5. If you need to revert the upgrade, first restore the old installation, and then restore the database from the backup copy.

  6. Upgrade the adapters.

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