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Open Source Identity and Access Management for modern Applications and Services.

For more information about Keycloak visit Keycloak homepage and Keycloak blog.


Ensure you have JDK 8 (or newer), Maven 3.1.1 (or newer) and Git installed

java -version
mvn -version
git --version

First clone the Keycloak repository:

git clone
cd keycloak

To build Keycloak run:

mvn install

This will build all modules and run the testsuite.

To build the distribution run:

mvn install -Pdistribution

Once completed you will find distribution archives in distribution.

To build only the server run:

mvn -Pdistribution -pl distribution/server-dist -am -Dmaven.test.skip clean install

Starting Keycloak

To start Keycloak during development first build as specified above, then run:

mvn -f testsuite/utils/pom.xml exec:java -Pkeycloak-server 

When running testsuite, by default an account with username admin and password admin will be created within the master realm at start.

To start Keycloak from the server distribution first build the distribution it as specified above, then run:

tar xfz distribution/server-dist/target/keycloak-<VERSION>.tar.gz
cd keycloak-<VERSION>

To stop the server press Ctrl + C.

Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you've found a security vulnerability, please look at the instructions on how to properly report it

Help and Documentation

  • Documentation - User Guide, Admin REST API and Javadocs
  • User Mailing List - Mailing list to ask for help and general questions about Keycloak
  • JIRA - Issue tracker for bugs and feature requests