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Basic Cordova Example

Before running this example you need to have Cordova installed with a phone or emulator available.

Start and configure Keycloak

Start Keycloak bound to an IP address available to the phone or emulator. For example:

bin/ -b

Open the Keycloak admin console, click on Add Realm, click on 'Choose a JSON file', selct example-realm.json and click Upload.

Navigate to applications, click on 'Cordova', select 'Installation' and in the 'Format option' drop-down select 'keycloak.json'. Download this file to the www folder.

Download '/js/keycloak.js' from the server to the www folder as well. For example:


Install to Android phone or emulator

mkdir platforms plugins
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist
cordova platform add android
cordova run android

Once the application is opened you can login with username: 'user', and password: 'password'.


  • You always need to initialize keycloak after the 'deviceready' event. Otherwise Cordova mode won't be enabled for keycloak.js.
  • 'http://localhost' should be listed in the allowed redirects in client configuration, but never 'file:///android_asset'.
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