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Note: This package has a new home and maintainer. Please follow along to the new address.

The KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research EEG Analysis Toolbox

This package contains functionality for EEG preprocessing, microstate analysis, spectral analysis, and statistics.


Install the package from the command line with:

sudo pip install keypy

On Windows, install the executable file from PyPi:

Python3 Setup

To get the additional required libraries, please run the following command in your virtual environment:

pip install -r requirements.txt


If you use this package, please cite:

  • P. Milz, P.L. Faber, D. Lehmann, T. Koenig, K. Kochi, R.D. Pascual-Marqui, The functional significance of EEG microstates — Associations with modalities of thinking, NeuroImage, Available online 15 August 2015, ISSN 1053-8119,

  • P. Milz. (2015). keypy: The KEY EEG Analysis Toolbox. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.29120. DOI


This repository is no longer maintained. Should you or your institute be interested in taking over the project, please contact the institute coordinator of the KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research at

If you want to contribute to the source code, you find the repository on GitHub:


  • Patricia Milz


  • Christian Oberholzer
  • Stephan Gerhard
  • Pascal L Faber
  • Thomas Koenig
  • Dietrich Lehmann

I am most thankful to all contributers!