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keyleds codacy

Advanced RGB animation service for Logitech keyboards.


Quick links:

This project supports all Logitech RGB keyboards, on all keyboard layouts. If yours doesn't work it's a bug, open a ticket.


  • Flexible per-application RGB settings with key groups.
  • Reacts to window title changes, enabling switching profiles based on current webpage in browser or open file extension in editors.
  • Improved, fully configurable animation plugins:
    • Keypress feedback effect.
    • Fixed colors.
    • Breathing effect.
    • Wave and cycle effect.
    • Stars effect.
    • Idle dimming effect.
  • Script your own effects with the LUA engine. You can even make on-keyboard games.
  • Mix and match several effects to build complex animations.
  • Multi-user, multi-keyboard support with per-user and per-keyboard configuration.

And a few goodies:

  • DBUS Interface for scripting and richer interactions with your LUA effects.
  • Command-line tool for your scripting needs and extended configuration (set game-mode keys, change report rate, see USB exchanges…).

Feedback, feature ideas, pull requests are welcome!