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Keylime RPM distribution
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Keylime RPM distribution

The Python version of the Keylime project (original repo by MIT Lincoln Labs here) is available as a packaged RPM. Installation instructions and related materials are available in this directory.

Installing Keylime using the RPM

The Keylime RPM is designed for use on CentOS 7 systems, and these installation instructions will assume you're using that system. Either a proper installation or a virtual machine should suffice.

Cloning the repository

In a directory of your choice, use git to clone the keylimeRPM repo found here. Once complete, change into the new keylimeRPM directory.

Upgrading Python 2.7

CentOS 7 currently uses an older version of Python 2.7 than Keylime requires. Running the shell script will install a newer version that will allow Keylime to work. To run the script, run chmod +x from within the keylimeRPM directory, and then run sudo ./ Press y to accept any prompts if they come up.

Install the RPM

Use sudo rpm -ivh python-keylime-1.2-1.noarch.rpm to install the RPM. Use y to accept any prompts if they come up.

Troubleshooting: If the installation errors out saying that the python-devel package is required by keylime, you will need to install that package using yum install python-devel. Once finished, the RPM should install with no issues.

Install Keylime

The RPM installs Keylime to the usr/bin/python-keylime directory. Everything needed to run Keylime can be found there. Execute Keylime installer to install Keylime and tmp4720 to your system.

$ cd /usr/bin/python-keylime
$ sudo ./

While installing keylime with tpm emulator, use -s flag for socket mode installation. Typically, virtual machine needs to use tpm emulator.

$ cd /usr/bin/python-keylime
$ sudo ./ -s


mit keylime tpm470 repository

mit python-keylime repository

python-keylime rpm install repository

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