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  • RefineNet was originally proposed in: [1] Guosheng Lin, Anton Milan, Chunhua Shen, Ian Reid RefineNet: Multi-Path Refinement Networks for High-Resolution Semantic Segmentatiion. arXiv:1611.06612

  • The RefineNet implemented in this module is based on [1]

  • Since RefineNet relies on ResNet, we use ResNet-50 for this implementation

    • resnet_v2.py and resnet_utils.py are copied from github repo tensorflow/models/research/slim/nets
    • resnet_v2_50 in resnet_v2.py is used to create the 50-layer ResNet
  • The key differences between this implementation and the one proposed in [1]:

    • [1] uses ResNet pretrained on ImageNet recognition tasks, while this implementaton is trained end-to-end
    • [1] uses 512 filters for each conv layer of RefineNet-4 block, while this implementation uses 256 instead, to keep it consistent with the remaining RefineNet blocks
  • This implementation only supports input images that are 512x512x3. Other sizes might not work.

  • tensorflow 1.5.0 or above is required. Using lower versions of tensorflow may generate "incompatible dimension" errors.

  • pretrain_resnet.py can be used to pretrain ResNet50 defined by slim's resnet_v2_50 in resnet_v2.py. wrangle_tiny_imagenet.py is used to prepare the raw Tiny ImageNet dataset to the file structure that Keras image generator supports.