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Installation | PM2 Plus Documentation


In seconds, this Installation tutorial will show you how to start monitoring your Node.js application with PM2 Plus.

Create an account

You can create a PM2 plus account by registering here or juste by typing pm2 plus in your terminal.

Then just simply follow the in-app tutorial Wizard

Connect your server to the dashboard

Connect your server to your dashboard and start collecting metrics with:

pm2 link <secret> <public>

Or, if you don't have access to the CLI, add PM2_PUBLIC_KEY and PM2_SECRET_KEY environment variables set with your public and private keys.

Use the connect button on the top right of your dashboard to find your PM2_PUBLIC_KEY and PM2_SECRET_KEY {: .tip}

You are done

Go back to the dashboard, you will have access to realtime metrics of your app.

dashboard view

Next Steps

[Discover the Dashboard]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link en/plus/guide/ %}) {: .btn-stylized}