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PM2 Enterprise On-Premise


1/ Get the License Key

Ask us a license key

2/ Install Docker and Docker Compose

sudo wget -qO- | sh
sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

3/ Get the docker-compose.yml file & Start EE

docker-compose up -d

4/ Connect to the Wizard

Go to http://server-ip-address/wizard


  • Set the license key
  • Set the address to access to the interface
  • Set the SMTP server to receive notifications


  • LDAP, Github login, Google login...

5/ Disable Wizard

docker-compose stop km-wizard

6/ Connect

Now open the url http://server-ip-address/, create an account and you are ready to go.


How do I run the interface with SSL?

Instead of the default docker-compose.yml file use the docker-compose.yml with ssl enabled

Then SSL certificates which is running PM2 Enterprise on these path:

  • Your private certificate on the path /etc/ssl/pm2-ssl-certificate.crt
  • Your private key on the path /etc/ssl/pm2-ssl-certificate.key

If you want to use a custom proxy, you can find the nginx configuration that we use here to configure the correct redirection for each service.

How do I block new registration?

Start the wizard again:

docker-compose start km-wizard

Go to http://server-ip-address/wizard, edit the coniguration and restart all application with:

docker-compose restart

Do not forget to stop km-wizard once configuration is finished

How do I update EE?

Go back to the folder containing the docker-compose.yml you wget'ed and run:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --detach --build

How do I run PM2 Agent behind a corporate proxy?

Just set the PM2_PROXY environment variable with the proxy address.


KEYMETRICS_NODE=<server-ip-address> PM2_PROXY=<proxy-address> pm2 link <secret> <public>

What are the minium resources required to run EE?

For 1 to 100 agents you will need at least a VM with 4 CPUs, 8gb RAM and 30GB SSD.

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored within Elasticsearch. Make sure you do not wipe Elasticsearch data.

Which ports must be opened for PM2 to communicate with EE?

Port 443

Other question

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