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PM2 module to automatically monitor vital signs of your server :

  • CPU average usage
  • Free and used drive space
  • Free and used memory space
  • Operating System
  • All processes running
  • TTY/SSH opened
  • Total opened files
  • Network speed (input and output)



$ npm install pm2 -g

$ pm2 install pm2-server-monit


Default settings:

  • drive is /. If the value is incorrect or not found, / will be monitored by default.
  • small_interval is 1 second. Represents the refresh_rate of the cpu and network workers.

To modify the config values you can use Keymetrics dashboard or the following commands:

pm2 set pm2-server-monit:drive /
pm2 set pm2-server-monit:small_interval 10

⚠️ If this module uses too much CPU, set the small_interval value to 10 or more.


If you have in some categories, your OS configuration is not supported for this option.


$ pm2 uninstall pm2-server-monit

Update to latest version

$ pm2 module:update pm2-server-monit