yet another world of warcraft server emulator. implemented in Erlang for fun and learning.
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wower is Erlang implementation of World of Warcraft server emulator.

== Current status ==

Working with WoTLK 3.0.8.

=== Logon server ===

Allows you to connect and select realm.
Does not support reconnect after wrong password.
Does not support patching.

=== Realm server ===

Accepts connections. Packet encryption/decryption implemented.
Character list implemented. Login into world implemented.

Creating character works. Importing DBC files works. Cell system 

You can now see other characters in game.

=== Get started ===

1. Install Erlang
2. Get sources
3. Run `make`
4. Run `./`

You must have correct(>= 3.0.8) DBC files in ebin/dbc folder to
start server properly.

=== Working on ===

Moving packets.