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A better gofmt for vim
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This is deprecated. Please use vim-go


  • Works with multiple views of the same file
  • Doesn't mess up the undo tree (undoing the previous change undoes the fmt with it)
  • Clears the error list when gofmt succeeds
  • Automatically hides/shows the error list


vim-gofmt requires you to have the standard golang vim package installed. If you are using pathogen that is as easy as:

" Go stores the official vim plugin at $GOROOT/misc/vim/
call pathogen#infect('bundle/{}', $GOROOT . '/misc/{}')
call pathogen#helptags()

This requires that you define $GOROOT in your OS. You can figure out what your $GOROOT should be set to by running go env


Run Once


Run Automatically

augroup golangfmt
    autocm FileType go autocmd! golangfmt BufWritePre <buffer> GoFmt
augroup END
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