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Next generation vim support for atom
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Vim Mode package

🚨 Package is experimental 🚨

Provides vim modal control to Atom.


Use the Atom package manager, which can be found in the Settings view or run apm install vim-mode from the command line.

Current Status

This package is far from finished (vim wasn't built in a day). The current focus is to ensure that an appropriate model is in place so that operators and motions can be incrementally added by the users who find them useful as no one person uses all of vim's functionality.

Future Work (in rough order)

  • Visual mode
    • Characterwise
    • Linewise
    • Blockwise
  • Support for marks (including `.)
  • Support for q and .
    • There is now partial support for ., full support is pending atom/atom#962
  • Differentiate between 0 for repetition and 0 for motion.
  • Block backspace in command mode.
    • Block ctrl-d in insert mode.
  • More advanced keymap to support iw motion.
    • Support for 'f' and 't'
    • Handle g{line} and gg



Important you'll need to be running a locally built version of Atom to run tests.

See the contribution guide.

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