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Future Objectives and Features for Keystone

This is a list of larger features or changes that Keystone may need. These are not bugs.


Secure cryptography requires a dependable entropy source. All platforms that have such a hardware source should integrate it as a platform-specific SM feature.

Other platforms will need to use more intrusive entropy gathering strategies. See the Linux jitter entropy source, or the Welcome to the Entropics paper.

Multi-threading models

Formal Verification

Task/Message Queueing for the Keystone Runtime

Edge compiler and DSL/Toolchain

Similar to SGX, we need tools to help generate code for edgecalls between the enclave and host. Currently all such code is manually generated.


  • Better ELF entry point detection and handling (more configurable)
  • Better/more complex ELF loading for eapps
  • Scheduling interfaces for closer runtime/os collaboration
  • New shared-memory usage models