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Compiling Applications

Building a host and enclave application using the SDK is straight-forward. See Keystone-Demo and the :doc:`Tutorials</Getting-Started/Tutorials/index>` as examples.


All compilation will need to be done using the riscv64- toolchain.


Hosts and enclave applications will want to link against the edge library libkeystone-edge.a

Hosts will want to link against the host library libkeystone-host.a

Applications will want to link against the enclave app library libkeystone-app.a


eapps may be a standard unmodified statically linked binary. This requires most options for the eyrie runtime to be enabled.

Otherwise, eapps need to be linked in a specific way. As this may change, please see the linker script in the sdk/examples/tests directory to see the most up to date linking requirements.