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Keystone: The superpowered CMS for developers

Keystone helps you build faster and scale further than any other CMS or App Framework. Describe your schema, and get a powerful GraphQL API & beautiful Management UI for your content and data.

No boilerplate or bootstrapping – just elegant APIs to help you ship the code that matters without sacrificing the flexibility or power of a bespoke back-end.


Usage & Documentation

Keystone 6 is published to npm under the @keystone-6/* namespace.

You can find our extended documentation on our website, but some quick links that might be helpful:

  • Read Why Keystone to learn about our vision and what's in the box.
  • Getting Started walks you through first steps with the create-keystone-app CLI.
  • Our Examples contain a growing collection of projects you can run locally to learn more about a Keystone feature.
  • An API Reference contains the details on Keystone's foundational building blocks.
  • Some Guides offer practical walkthroughs on how to build with those blocks.

💡 While our API Reference is generally complete, we are are still working hard on increasing the fidelity of our guides and examples. If you have an example you'd like see, please open a GitHub discussion!

Our @keystone-6/* packages are written for the Node Maintenance and Active LTS versions of Node; and our continuous integration seamlessly tracks that. You may have success with Node versions that are Pending or End-of-Life, but you may have problems too.

Looking for Keystone 5?

The Keystone 5 codebase is now in maintenance mode and lives at keystonejs/keystone-5. For more information read Keystone 5 and beyond.

Enjoying Keystone?

Interested in what's new?

For a birds-eye view of what the Keystone project is working towards, check out our Roadmap.


Share your thoughts and feature requests on Slack (preferred) or Twitter. Bugfixes and issues always welcome.


Keystone follows semver.

Code of Conduct

Keystone adheres to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.


For vulnerability reporting, please refer to our security policy.



Copyright (c) 2023 Thinkmill Labs Pty Ltd. Licensed under the MIT License.