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-## v0.4.0 React Rebuild coming soon
+## Keystone 4.0 Beta Released!!!
-We've been working on a major update to Keystone for several months now, rewriting the Admin UI as a ReactJS App.
+We've been working on a major update to KeystoneJS for the last year, and it's a complete rebuild of Keystone's Admin UI and internal architecture. Improvements include:
-Work on this has now been merged into our `master` branch, which is currently not stable (but which we encourage you to try out and give us feedback on!). Stable `0.3.x` releases will continue to be published from the `0.3.x` branch.
+* The Admin UI has been re-written as a single page app using React.js, Redux and Elemental UI
+* An updated API for Lists and Fields
+* Better support for using Keystone without Express, or with your own express instance
+* Core functionality has been refactored and we're breaking Keystone up into separate npm packages
+* Startup time has been significantly reduced
+* LocalFile, S3File and AzureFile have been replaced by a new generic `keystone.Storage` engine and File field
+* We have much higher unit and end-to-end test coverage
-Our [demo site]( has been updated to the new version - check it out and let us know what you think!
+Please try out the beta and let us know what you think:
-For more information on the upcoming version, including how to try it out and get involved, check out [issue #1612](
+npm install --save keystone@next
+We'll be publishing a summary of the new features, changes and improvements as we get closer to the final release. In the meantime, see the [v0.3 -> v4.0 Upgrade Guide]( for information on what's changed.
+Also check out our [demo site](, which has been updated to the new version!
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Has Yeoman Generator been updated?

mxstbr commented on 869da17 Aug 25, 2016 edited

Has Yeoman Generator been updated?

Not yet, we're going to completely rebuild the generator from the ground up for the official release – stay tuned for that, we've got big plans!

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