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@JedWatson JedWatson released this May 19, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

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All these people contributed to improving the docs and @nathsimpson, @stennie, @gverni, @andreicioromila, @codyspate, @lvntruong, @ebrahimamer, @jimulle, @kennedybaird, @laurenskling, @clement-dev, @Vultraz, @sverrisson, @agmt5989, @itzaks, @d400800, @Eyecone, @basilvetas, @cheng306 and @JedWatson

Updated the Keystone 4 website (thanks @tuan23, @dominikwilkowski and @nathsimpson )

Add alt test to delete button in ListManagement (#4813, thanks @jimulle )
Fixed incorrectly named API method label (#4825, thanks @Vultraz )
Fix UTC DateColumn value display (#4841, thanks @alsoicode)
Added option to hide Today button in Date field (#4869, thanks @marcin-lawrowski)
Fixed dependsOn setting when applied to a boolean field set to false by default (#4867, thanks @marcin-lawrowski )
Allow custom error message in deleteItem (#4683, thanks @RecuencoJones )
Return a 500 error when item.remove fails (#4832, thanks @laurenskling )
Build S3 upload name when not present (#4871, thanks @Tathanen )
Make urlField support thumb option. (#4856, thanks @gemscng )
Moved from letsencrypt-express to greenlock-express (#4885, thanks @akopcz2)
Removed kerberos (#4888, thanks @larrybolt )
Make TinyMCE a real dependency (#4897 & #4887, thanks @gautamsi and @JedWatson )
Fix NumberColumn for money formatting be independent from path name (#4912, thanks @realThinhIT)
Add _req_user to removed item so you can use this in the remove pre/post hook (#4831, thanks @laurenskling )
Add support for language cookie options (#4921, thanks @Hsn723 )
Upgrade to Babel 7 (#4802, thanks ashmore11)
Fixing deprecated isMounted usage (thanks @JedWatson )
Upgraded dependencies (thanks @JedWatson )
Cannot clear Relationship field (without many set to true) (#4711, thanks @JedWatson )
Fixing Money field propTypes warning (thanks @JedWatson )

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