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1 How to Install Mini Hawraman
2 ******************************************************************
3 Requirements:
4 1- A .NET 4.0 hosting environment (support for ASP.NET MVC 3.0 is
5 not needed as assemblies are embedded).
6 2- A remote RavenDB server or modification of code to use an
7 embedded version for free.
8 3- Knowdlege in .NET programming with C# and ASP.NET MVC in a
9 basic level in order to modify some parts of code.
11 Important Note:
12 I've tried to simplify the installation and configuration
13 process as much as possible, but since this codebase is a
14 modified and minimized version of a bigger codebase as a
15 fast solution, there are some hardcoded parts that need
16 to be modified by hand in code or HTML design.
18 Database Setup:
19 There is a small utility in MiniHawraman.DatabaseGenerator that
20 can be used to generate the initial database with initial
21 values. Just run the tool and follow the instructions.
23 Application Setup:
24 You need to go to Web.Config and replace the appropriate
25 values inside brackets ([]) with your own. You need to have
26 a Twilio account with a number, or remove this 2-step verification
27 setup from the code yourself. You also need to set the connection
28 string.
30 Getting Started:
31 After setting up the database and application, you can
32 go to to log in using "admin" as the
33 username and the password you entered when initializing
34 the database, and start using the site.
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