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CQRS Documents by Greg Young

Greg Young created a fantastic PDF document on CQRS that has been around the internet for quite some time.

PDF documents don’t work well on mobile or tablet devices and they are hard to modify and sync. I thought it was a good idea to port the documents into an ebook, here is the result of it.

I didn’t change the original content of the document, all credit goes to Greg. Thank you!

Download the ebook

Pick your preferred format from the latest release page.

Generate the ebook

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake book:build
Converting to HTML...
 -- HTML output at cqrs-documents.html
Converting to EPub...
 -- Epub output at cqrs-documents.epub
Converting to Mobi (kf8)...
 -- Mobi output at cqrs-documents.mobi
Converting to PDF...
 -- PDF output at cqrs-documents.pdf