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My personal blog. Forked from, for reasons that include RSS support, default dark mode, reading time is the prior art works well and it just looks really nice too. I especially love the URL to "Discuss on..." that helps people find other people to chat with. I think distributed conversations are one of the best uses of social media. was in turn forked from Gatsby blog starter. Syntax theme based on Sarah Drasner's Night Owl with small tweaks.

To run locally, yarn, then yarn dev, then open https://localhost:8000.

Contributing Translations

You can translate any article on the website into your language!

Add a Markdown file with the translation to the corresponding article folder. For example in src/pages/optimized-for-change/.

If you're the first one to translate a post to your language, you'll need to add it to to the list in ./i18n.js. See this PR for an example. If your language needs special font characters, add it to the appropriate place in this list.

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