Valid JQuery that profiles the system and returns info to the server in a fake analytics GET request
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NOTES: Base client side detection code created by Christian Ludwig (, and used by APT 29 in 2016. APT 29 modified the popup to be a POST request and used it during a conference shadowing campaign to profile user systems and who clicked before sending malicious payloads.

Code has been modified to send information via Base64 encoded fake analytics GET request rather than a clear text POST used by APT 29. Support for Flash detection has been added via inside the script. The document window was added to the script log so that you can feed each target a unique URI via FiercePhish or manually and then correspond the system to the user.

The whole script was minified and then packed before being appended to legitimate jquery: so you can use the script for dual purposes and it might pass the sniff test of tier 1 SOC.

Example Log output: [Mon Apr 16 11:51:17 2018] ::1:63582 [200]: /analytics.gif?uid=aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDo4MDAwL2luZGV4LnBocD9pZD1zYW18T1M6IE1hYyBPUyBYIDEwLjEzfEJyb3dzZXI6IEZpcmVmb3ggNjAgKDYwLjApfE1vYmlsZTogZmFsc2V8Rmxhc2g6IDI5LjAgcjB8SmF2YTogZmFsc2V8Q29va2llczogdHJ1ZXxTY3JlZW4gU2l6ZTogMTY4MCB4IDEwNTB8TGFuZ3VhZ2U6IGVuLVVTfEZ1bGwgVXNlciBBZ2VudDogTW96aWxsYS81LjAgKE1hY2ludG9zaDsgSW50ZWwgTWFjIE9TIFggMTAuMTM7IHJ2OjYwLjApIEdlY2tvLzIwMTAwMTAxIEZpcmVmb3gvNjAuMA==

Example Log output base 64 decoded:

http://localhost:8000/index.php?id=sam|OS: Mac OS X 10.13|Browser: Firefox 60 (60.0)|Mobile: false|Flash: 29.0 r0|Java: false|Cookies: true|Screen Size: 1680 x 1050|Language: en-US|Full User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.13; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0

Future ideas: Hypervisor script which alerts on suspicious user agents (fake crawlers, wget, curl, virustotal cloud, etc).