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2.5 hours
used html5 boiler plate sped things up
used jquery drag plugin.

Simple Part: 
- Create a sticky notes application using HTML5 
- User should be able to create a blank sticky note and add text into 
it. The sticky notes look like small coloured rectangles holding user 
defined text 
- User can create multiple such sticky's and all of them appear in the 
same browser page 
- User can drag sticky's around in the browser page and place them 
wherever convenient 
- All these data are saved on the client side as and when the user 
types in. (For details of how you can save data using HTML5, please 
Complex part: (Optional. if you complete simple part and want to take 
up something more challenging) 
- Allow user to select one of 4 predefined background colors for 
sticky to depict its priority/importance 
- Show gradient colouring for sticky's background 
- Ability to delete sticky 
- Add current time to sticky header 
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