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django is 4mb.
It took 2hours to get something going + another 2hours to get chunked output, clickable urls and code reuse
I think I prefer sinatra style web frameworks.
I am wondering how safe clean data really is, any problems means shell command injection.
getting django working with google app engine is painful.

bar graph
crawl time

Problem Description
Language: Python 
App Category: Networking/Web Application 
DB: None (Use any DB in Complex part) 
Problem statement: 
Simple Part: 
Develop a web application using Python. You can use any Web framework 
if you want to. The website should use the web crawler application you 
created in Week 1, as a backend tool. The site will have a home page 
that will ask the user for a URL seed, depth of crawling and a search 
string. On click of Search button, it should show the results in a 
tabular form. The results should show the URL's whose page content 
contains search string and also the depth at which the URL is found. 
Preferably host this site in google app engine. It's free and supports 
Python. If you have difficulties hosting it, you can submit only the 
Complex Part: (Optional. if you complete simple part and want to take 
up something more challenging) 
- Show results using a bar graph on the web site. The graph should 
show the number of occurances of the search string on a particular 
- Since crawling may take time to fully execute, keep showing results 
as and when they are found by crawler (asynchonously). 
- User should be able to click on Url link from search results to go 
to that page. 
- Show time spent to get results. 
- Store input and results in DB and show Search History in a different