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A programming excercise. A web crawler written in python.

python --version
Python 2.7.2+

python 2 JavaScript [url] [depth] [search term]

the complex part.
figure out how to do tests first.
error handling.

It took 2 hours.
I have never seen python before.
python seems to make sense.
finding the correct regex method was tricky.
casting numbers to strings was annoying.

Problem statement:
Language: Python 
Official site: 
Beginer's guide: 
App Category: Networking 
DB: None 
Simple part: 
Create a web crawler app in python which, given a url seed, can crawl 
through all links on the page and scan deep for a given level of 
depth. While crawling the app should be able to return the url page 
containing a specific search text. 
1 - Url seed e.g. 
2 - Depth e.g. 5 (this means go into links on a page till 5 levels) 
3 - search text e.g. "python" 
the list of url that contains the specified text 
The Simple part is mandatory to be completed. 
If you finish the simple part and are eager to take up something 
challenging, then here's a little complex angle to the problem: 
Complex part: 
Write rules around the app for searching. 
Rule 1: The return Url should contain a specific substring 
Rule 2: Highlight in output if the url is amongst a long list of 
blacklisted urls (about 10000 blacklisted urls) 
Rule 3: Search for multiple search strings and rank Urls as per the 
number of different search strings found and occurances of each search 
string in the page 
Rule 4: Rank as per level of the Url w.r.t. seed url