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A simple Tasker script to update APRSIS

You must have an amateur radio license to use this script.


  1. Install Tasker.
  2. Install post-aprs.php on a server with PHP somewhere. You can use my instance for test purposes, but be advised that I do not guarantee uptime at all.
  3. Configure update-aprs.js as follows:
    • Set url to the URL where you've installed post-aprs.php.
    • Set callsign the callsign and SSID of the station you'd like to have positions updated.
    • Set passcode to the passcode for your callsign. (This script will not work without a valid passcode!)'
    • Set symbol to the APRS code for the symbol you want for your station.
  4. Transfer update-aprs.js to your Android device.
  5. Configure a task profile with parameters for when you want to update APRS. For example, my profile updates it every five minutes from the time I'm up in the morning until I'm likely to go to bed, like this:
    • Time: From 7:00AM every 5m Till 11:00PM

Then, do one of the following:

  1. To beacon periodically regardless of changes in position, add the following task actions to your profile:
    • A1. Get Location - Source Any - Timeout 20 - Continue Task Immediately Off - Keep Tracking Off
    • A2. JavaScripter - Code should be the contents of your modified update-aprs.js - No libraries - Exit Off - Timeout (Seconds) 45 - Continue Task after Error On
  2. If you'd like to beacon only when your position changes, you can use the Tasker script AC6SL's created, available in this repository in tasker-script.tsk.xml.


APRS Updater for Tasker




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