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triton provides system admins and developers the ability to conveniently and easily set up new nodes with all
the necessary dot files, configuration files, and rsa keys necessary for an account.

triton will be compatible with unix based operating systems and allow for easy transfer of necessary shell account
files to a new machine.

Currently triton allows a user to install rsa keys as well as files located in the .triton/filelist to a new machine easily.
You should change your .ssh/config file to add the following line to make triton's life easier during installs: ControlPersist 1h

The goal of triton is to allow for a single upgrade command to be issued to update your configuration files everywhere.  In addition
triton is transfered when you install and upgrade so triton can be a one stop shop for all your command line needs.

In the future triton will support addon modules given it the ability to be expanded and used for many purposes!

Feel free to fork and modify to provide triton with more capabilities.  Let me know so we can merge them back into master.