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🧠Proof of concept of showing MRI scans in 3D in WebVR using A-Frame
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Proof of concept of showing MRI scans in 3D in WebVR using A-Frame

Click here to try it out in your browser.

This app is a very simple proof of concept showing sequential MRI scans of a friend's knee (thanks Tricky!) arranged in 3D space with low opacity to create an illusion of volume.

Use your mouse to click and drag to rotate the image. Use the scrollwheel to zoom in / out.

Experimental - AR.js Support


About MRI Image Formats

MRI scans are often provided in DICOM format. You can ask your doctor for your MRI scans and they'll usually provide it as a burned CD. There are many DICOM viewers out there, including a few web based JavaScript libraries for parsing DICOM format files:

In theory it would be possible to make a "VR view" automatically from any DICOM compliant file. According to the web DICOM viewers, parsing images is tough because of variability between compression types on various MRI hardware, etc.

In this example I manually converted a series of 26 images from DICOM to JPEG images using MicroDicom and simple copying them into Paint 3D and saving as a series of JPEGs.

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