🛣️ Streetmix.net mixed with A-Frame for 3D visualization of streetscapes
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Streetmix.net mixed with A-Frame for visualization of streetscapes

Demo in your browser now: https://kfarr.github.io/streetmix3d/

How to make your own Streetmix3D street:

  • First, use Streetmix.net to create a street design. (Streetmix is a tool that lets you design, remix, and share your neighborhood street. More information about Streetmix here.)
  • Then, save a Streetmix street using a Twitter account so that you have a unique URL for your street that looks something like this: https://streetmix.net/kfarr/3/my-awesome-street-name
  • Load https://kfarr.github.io/streetmix3d/, paste in your street URL, and press the magic green button.
  • See instant changes to your work: Switch back to a Streetmix.net tab, make changes to your street, then reload the Streetmix3D page to see the edits applied.
  • "Walk" around the scene or use VR: Use the W A S D keys to move around the 3D scene. You can even use a VR headset to see a 1:1 scale virtual view of your street with a WebVR compatible headset.

Streetmix Segment Support

Streetmix3D does not yet support all of the street segments found in Streetmix. You may find some segments don't display at all or are missing 3D elements. We'd gladly support any help making 3D models that match the designs from the original Streetmix. Here is a complete list:

Streetmix Segment Supported? Supported Variants Unsupported Variants
sidewalk Yes - Full no pedestrian 3d models, density levels unsupported, uses empty sidewalk for all variants
sidewalk-tree no 3d object - palm 2 and 3
sidewalk-bench no 3d object - bench 1, 2 and 3
sidewalk-bike-rack no 3d model needed
sidewalk-wayfinding Yes - Partial medium known issue: one side has mirror texture, 3d model needed for small and large variants
sidewalk-lamp no 3d object - street light 1 and 2
parklet no 3d model needed
divider Yes - Partial divider-type: striped-buffer, bollard only 1 texture (double yellow lines) does not match streetmix (dashed white lines), some 3d models needed for variants
parking-lane Yes - Partial parking-lane-direction and parking-lane-orientation unsupported - "ticks" on both sides of lane
bike-lane Yes - Partial direction: inbound, outbound bike-asphalt not supported, only green color
drive-lane Yes - Full direction: inbound, outbound | car-type: sharrow car-type: car, truck - No 3D car or truck models supported yet.
turn-lane Yes - Full direction: inbound, outbound | turn-lane-orientation: left, left-straight, right, right-straight, both, shared, straight Note: there appears to be a bug with Streetmix.net rendering of turn-lane-orientation variant in street cross section for inbound - it appears to be inverted from the street's json database value. https://github.com/streetmix/streetmix/issues/683
bus-lane Yes - Partial direction: inbound, outbound bus-asphalt not supported default always red
light-rail Yes - Partial direction: inbound, outbound public-transit-asphalt not supported default always red
streetcar Yes - Partial direction: inbound, outbound public-transit-asphalt not supported default always red
transit-shelter no 3d object bus stop
train no This does not appear to be enabled in Streetmix UI. Is this intended to be mixed mode or unpaved grade separated tracks?

Helpful Streetmix debugging information

Here are some tips and links from my experience "reverse engineering" Streetmix to get info out of their API.

I heavily referenced this Streetmix page which outlines all the possible segments: https://github.com/streetmix/streetmix/blob/master/assets/scripts/segments/info.js

I learned a few things:

Model Credits