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This script will help you get into a class at any MySite-driven college such as
IVC or Saddleback. In order to use this script, you will need to have a system
with the following setup, recommended on Ubuntu (maybe a headless VirtaulBox VM):

* Ruby 1.8.7 or newer
* Firefox 3.6 + JSSH
* The following gems: pony, firewatir

In order to receive email, make sure your ruby is linked with openssl, otherwise
you will not receive alert emails. The script will email you when a class is open
or when it has been successfully registered. It will also put you on priority add list.
To begin, make sure you fill out the options in the script, such as username, and class IDs.
Once you've done all that, you can run the script like any other ruby script.

If you want to make improvements, here are some things that would be cool:
Detect when in Credit Card only mode (after semester begins they disable money order)
Accept insertion of credit card info automatically.

Enjoy ;)