Tries to convert psd to html, does a pretty nice job too, core made by Jon Silverman
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Magic PSD to HTML Converter.xcodeproj
Magic PSD to HTML Converter.icns

Magic CS6 PSD to HTML Converter

Magic consists of the following:

  • An applescript (by jsilverMDX) which orchestrates a few other scripts, specific to Photoshop and Gimp, and a special last step "Reshuffler" that happens over HTTP to a Heroku rails app controller with a bit of extra logic to finalize the process.
  • An objective-c wrapper that produces a mac application enabling drag & drop and status reporting of the underlying script activities.


Compile it, then drag and drop your PSD file(s) onto the magic kettle.


Adobe Photoshop CS5 or CS6


Currently the applescript is hard-set to the photoshop directory, you can edit the script and fix this -- however CS5 and CS6 are both tested.

For best results use CS5, as it had been battle-tested. CS6 was only briefly tested as I put up this repo and did not succeed through the entire applescript execution.