Exit value support wrapper for RubyMotion's 'rake spec'
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You may use this gem if you are using a continuous integration server and wish that RubyMotion's rake spec command behaved as you would expect (e.g. return an exit status code that reflects your build condition)


Add motion-specwrap to your Gemfile, run bundle, add motion-specwrap to your project's Rakefile. Now you may execute bundle exec motion-specwrap instead of bundle exec rake spec in order to get a proper exit value corresponding to your tests passing or failing. Woohoo!

The Problem

  • When running "rake spec" in your RubyMotion project, you always get an exit status of 0, irrespective of the tests passing or failing. I believe this is the case because when checking the status code, we are actually getting the Simulator's status code, despite Bacon exiting (from within the context of the simulator) with a proper code.
  • This is a problem when integrating your RubyMotion app into a continuous integration workflow which uses this exit status to determine if the build passed or failed. Specifically, I've created this in order to bring RubyMotion support to OctopusCI (http://octopusci.com)
  • The problem was reported on 06-06-2012 here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/rubymotion/1unBYE0wJ-0

The Workaround

  1. Bacon is made to output its exit status code to standard output, such that:
  2. A wrapper script is provided which runs rake spec as normal, checks the exit status code printed by Bacon, and uses it to exit with the correct exit status code.

Final Remarks

I am hoping that lrz goes ahead and solves the original problem in a later patch to RubyMotion. Until then, we can use this.