A simple ruby terminal-based to-do list script. Uses sqlite3-ruby.
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	This is a simple script I wrote when I first started learning Ruby and wanted a little task manager in my terminal. I use it on my Macbook but it should work just the same in Linux. It requires sqlite3-ruby, so if you don't have that you'll need to run the following command:
	gem install sqlite3-ruby


	1. Place task.rb somewhere (for example, ~/.task.rb so it is a hidden file in your home folder)
		mv task.rb ~/.task.rb

	2. Create an alias in your ~/.bashrc file like this:
		alias task="~/.task.rb"
			This allows you to simply run "task" at the command line to use the script
	3. Run the following command to see how to use the script:
		task help

	task add "do some laundry"	<< Add the task "do some laundry"
	task				 		<< View your tasks and task numbers

	task destroy 1				<< Destroy the task labelled "1"
	task help					<< View the help information