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Dayone Social Tools

A series of scripts ment to import entries from different social networks. If you do not have the dayone cli installed, this will not work.

Important: This is still in alpha and therefore include a lot of debugging information.



This will read the plugins in the config and will run them one by one. There are several flags you can give the cl:

  • --dry Make a dry run
  • --help Display cl information
  • --plugin=PLUGIN-NAME Runs only that plugin

At the first run of each plugin a config file will be created

Dry run

A dry run will do everything and print out the command about to be run, but will not actually execute this command. A dry run also does not update the last_run setting in the config/


As of 1.9 Dayone supports tags. Since the CLI as of yet does not support it, after the entry is created the tags are injected directly into the plist


For each social network there is a plugin py file and a settings file. All settings are JSON based. Feel free to add your own plugin


Instagram requires the use of OAuth. I am not adding my own app clients credentials. To use the instagram plugin you will need to create an app client on their site[^1] and fill in the information in the config file. The plugin does support getting a token for your user once you have the app credentials


As of API 1.1 twitter also requires authentication on every call. You will need to generate your own keys.

Future updates

At the moment only foursquare and instagram are supported. future updates will include:

  • General atom/rss feed
  • Facebook statues

[^1]: This is quite easy to do and does not take more then 5 minutes to setup.