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This is a loosely-categorized list of outstanding tasks and ideas for improving
fastphoto. When implementing any of these, please include an update to this TODO
file removing that task, in the same commit.
Example script
* add a shell script that generates an index.html file for the photos
in the current directory
* add a recursive option to descend a photo library
* look for header.html, footer.html files
* look recursively in .., ../.. etc. until template files are found
* get a large archive of photos
* time generation of all thumbnails
* plot thumbnail size vs. generation time for archive
* do similar timings using imagemagick, other tools?
* do similar timings using libjpeg-turbo
* plot comparison graph
* Horms reported a problem with passing negative values to epeg_decode_size_set():
it produces a 1x1 puce colored image. Test if this is fixed in libepeg, in
any case guard against negative values.
* Test with libjpeg-turbo: see
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