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<raster> u can load a jpeg form disk or a memory buffer
<raster> GEt the data as RGB, YUV, GRAY etc. etc.
<raster> if u like
<raster> specify an output file or memory buffer
<raster> query for image properties
<raster> etc.
<raster> ansd then tell it to "go get 'em rex"
<raster> so to thumbnail an image to 128x128:
<raster> Epeg_Image *im;
<raster> im = epeg_file_open("/tmp/fish-porn.jpg");
<raster> epeg_decode_size_set(im, 128, 128);
<raster> epeg_file_output_set(im, "/tmp/small-fish-porn,jpg");
<raster> epeg_encode(im);
<raster> epeg_close(im);