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add TODO file with some suggested improvements.

* Please add feature suggestions here!

* Please remove the entry from TODO in the same commit that implements
a feature listed there :-)
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1 parent 6097f5a commit 384a603b1198f1ef383ce42ba70bb36418dbdea2 @kfish committed
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+This is a loosely-categorized list of outstanding tasks and ideas for improving
+fastphoto. When implementing any of these, please include an update to this TODO
+file removing that task, in the same commit.
+* Horms reported a problem with passing negative values to epeg_decode_size_set():
+ it produces a 1x1 puce colored image. Test if this is fixed in libepeg, in
+ any case guard against negative values.
+* Test with libjpeg-turbo: see

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