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TODO: pull epeg.c directly into fastphoto

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1 parent fe88df7 commit ab5dec5c936488c619d0d0da81ff8601d76432fa @kfish committed Apr 17, 2010
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@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@ This is a loosely-categorized list of outstanding tasks and ideas for improving
fastphoto. When implementing any of these, please include an update to this TODO
file removing that task, in the same commit.
+* Pull epeg.c direction into fastphoto, as libepeg is no longer maintained upstream.
+(JPEG load/save has been pulled directly into Evas, but an Evas backend would be
+slow as it always goes via RGB).
* Horms reported a problem with passing negative values to epeg_decode_size_set():
it produces a 1x1 puce colored image. Test if this is fixed in libepeg, in
any case guard against negative values.

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