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Git wrangling
Display current operation state: in rebase, bisect etc.
Follow all parents of merges in log (zipper?)
Pack files
* verify version numbers of pack is known
* verify offsets for idx are within mmap'ped size
* track file offsets of pack objects
* verify idx offsets vs. pack parse
* implement abstract object lookup via idx & pack reader, lazily
with error fallback on corrupt idx
Goal: robust ght show
* Handle a working tree where .git is a plain ASCII file containing
"gitdir: <path>", i.e. the path to the real git repository.
parse .git/config
find ~/.gitconfig
expand sha1 prefix into full matching sha1
verify blob sha1sums
Revision names
Handle A^
Handle A^^
Handle A~n
Handle A^^n
Handle A^n^m
* find redundant upstream branches, ie. stuff that has been merged and can
be safely deleted.
Haskell cruft
Use a left-fold enumerator for following branch histories
Traverse with a zipper, as IO traversable history
OBJ_OFS_DELTA encoding: