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HOgg -- Ogg encapsulation stuffz
- Cabal (tested with various version from 1.1.3 to 1.1.6 and darcs)
- Data.ByteString, included with GHC 6.6, and available separately for
GHC 6.4 at: (version 0.7 or greater)
If building on Debian GNU/Linux:
$ apt-get install ghc6 libghc6-mtl-dev libghc6-hunit-dev
$ apt-get install libghc6-cabal-dev # not needed for Debian unstable
Note that if you are building with GHC6.6, you will need to edit hogg.cabal
by removing 'fps' from the Build-Depends line.
$ chmod +x Setup.hs
$ ./Setup.hs configure
$ ./Setup.hs build
$ ./Setup.hs install
General help (lists subcommands):
hogg help
Help on a subcommand:
hogg help <subcommand>
Dump packets of an Ogg file:
hogg dump file.ogg
Dump pages of an Ogg file
hogg pagedump file.ogg
Dump vorbis (theora, speex) packets
hogg dump -c vorbis file.ogg
hogg pagedump -c vorbis file.ogg
hogg dumpraw -c vorbis file.ogg
Checking stuff works:
Rewrite a file (parse pages, rewrite page data):
hogg rewrite file.ogg > newfile.ogg
diff file.ogg newfile.ogg
Repacket a file (parse to packets, rewrite with original segmentation):
hogg repacket file.ogg > newfile.ogg
diff file.ogg newfile.ogg
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