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AnnexB handling
* AnnexB handling is useful for RTP; make this a runtime option;
currently it is compile-time.
Decoder cancel
* returning != 0 from a vpu_decoded() callback stops the decoder,
but resuming doesn't flush out the remaining frames. For testing,
hack shcodecs-dec to always return 1 from the decoded callback, and
try to get the original/correct output
==> then use this to rate-limit buffers in omxil-sh
Compile options
* (dec-enc-optional branch) make encode or decode disablable at
compile time
* make libshcodecs _native_ x86 build possible for building docs
(with no library output)
* check first frame of encoded video: is from previous video?
If so, clear frame data before starting encode.
* print error if cannot init decoder (eg. no size given)
* handle float framerate values (eg. shcodecs-play -r 29.97)