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Thanks to the following people, without whose advice and encouragement
Remix would never have seen the light of day. -K.
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <>
Rasterman wrote Evas, a graphical canvas library. The simplicity of
Remix's programming interface was inspired by that of Evas, and Rasterman
has effusively explained the motivation for much of Evas' design to me.
Having programmed with Evas, and having witnessed Rasterman code up complex
graphical applications in no time flat using Evas, I knew that it would be
well worth the effort to write a similarly powerful abstraction library for
Erik de Castro Lopo <>
Erik is the author of libsndfile, and has given excellent advice on
optimisations for Remix.
Silvia Pfeiffer <Silvia.Pfeiffer@CSIRO.AU>
Silvia supervised the construction of Remix, and has a knack for
pinpointing obscure design problems and limitations. She prompted the
creation of Remix after noticing the lack of genericity within early
versions of Sweep, and she has guided the scope of Remix with an eye to
ensuring its utility in a wide range of projects.