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Add example config for streaming to flashplayer.

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commit 78a6af65430b5c9d816a86f3a909f6ecbf724220 1 parent 8b41caa
Georg Ottinger authored committed
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31 examples/sighttpd-ffmp3-crossdomain.conf
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+# Example configuration file for streaming Ogg Vorbis audio to a
+# FlashPlayer-based client like ffmp3 (
+# Please note that Flash internally works with a sampling rate fixed to
+# 44100Hz - so streaming Ogg Vorbis only works as desired with this
+# sampling rate.
+# This example also shows how to provide a /crossdomain.xml needed for
+# FlashPlayers to access the stream.
+# Port to listen on
+Listen 3000
+# Static text configuration
+ Path "/info"
+ Text "Sighttpd: Ogg Vorbis on stdin (/stream.ogg)"
+# Provide a super nonrestrictive /crossdomain.xml in order that
+# FlashPlayers are able to access the stream
+ Type "application/xml"
+ Path "/crossdomain.xml"
+ Text "<?xml version='1.0'?><cross-domain-policy><allow-access-from domain='*'/></cross-domain-policy>"
+# Streaming Ogg Vorbis from stdin, using the special
+# OggStdin module that caches Ogg Vorbis headers
+ Path "/stream.ogg"
+ Type "audio/ogg"
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