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sighttpd - An HTTP streaming server

Sighttpd is an HTTP streaming server designed for distributing realtime
input. It is particularly useful for making camera streams available to
multiple clients, and has been designed for embedded systems use.


This source archive uses the GNU autotools to build. Ensure that the standard GNU
build environment is available, including autoconf, automake, pkg-config.

To build:

    autoreconf -vif
    make install


See the sighttpd.conf(5) man page for the configuration syntax and available
options. See the doc/admin-guide.txt for a discussion and examples.

Various example configuration files are distributed in the examples/ directory
of the sighttpd source distribution.


Updates are available at the sighttpd homepage:



sighttpd is maintained in git at http://github.com/kfish/sighttpd

A list of outstanding tasks is maintained in the TODO file of this source
distribution. When implementing anything listed in this file, please update
it by deleting that entry, and include that as part of the patch or commit
that implements the fix.


For technical and other queries, please contact the author:

Conrad Parker <conrad@metadecks.org>
(kfish on #linux-sh or #annodex on Freenode).