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Wed Oct 30 2002
Some compile fixes were applied as listed in Sourceforge bug #625528.
Please contact if you have any problems building
or running Sweep on Solaris.
Fri May 12 2000
Solaris audio support was added in sweep version 0.0.9 by Mattias
Engdegård <>. It is configured in automatically
on such systems, ie. to build a Solaris binary do:
as specified in the file INSTALL.
Mattias writes:
You may want to note that I didn't spend any effort on
reducing the latency - the Solaris audio device has quite
a large buffer and no documented way to reduce it. Thus
it works, but may lag a couple of seconds sometimes. This
should be no problem in practice, but if someone is
displeased with the behaviour, I could outline a way to
solve it.
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