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Document the procedure whereby readers may prepare the files contained

in this repository for later conversion into a computer-readable binary
executable; the latter procedure will in the notes accompanying future
revisions be referred to as "compilation".
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+The contents of this revision controlled document repository are a computer
+source code implementation of TRACTORGEN, being a model of ASCII tractor
+It is recommended that one study these documents closely in order to better
+understand the finer details of the subject at hand. The authors firmly
+believe that only through such preparation, preferably during the course of
+one's daily study regimen, can a deeper appreciation of the theory be
+As a side note, it has been noted by correspondents that it is possible to
+derive a computer readable binary executable from these documents through
+the use of sophisticated compiler technology. On the off chance that any
+readers would wish to pursue this path, we include the apparent preparation
+for doing so herein, as quoted:
+$ automake -a
+$ autoreconf
+Upon completion of this procedure, which we expect should take on the
+order of one to two weeks (of course the actual time depends on the
+staffing resources of your local computer centre), a new document shall
+be generated _as though from nought!_ [emphasis added]. The name of
+this document is expected to be "configure", and it may itself be
+executed thus:
+$ ./configure
+We recommend scheduling a vacation!
+Upon your return, type "make", "make install", and prepare your
+experimental apparati forthwith:
+$ tractorgen
+Generates ASCII tractors.
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