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Sun Jan 13 00:11:01 JST 2008 Conrad Parker <>
* Version 1.0.0
* Support for retrieving and serving UTF8_STRING atoms. When
retrieving a selection, xsel determines whether or not the
current selection owner supports UTF8_STRING and uses that if
+ Debian bug #231413: Doesn't work correctly in a UTF-8 environment
* Fixes for the following bugs:
+ Segfault when attempting to delete the selection that xsel owns,
eg: echo "hello, world" | ./xsel -i && ./xsel -d
+ Debian bug #444638: xsel clears buffer instead of outputting
when backgrounded.
+ Debian bug #203925: xsel manpage double option
Thu Oct 25 13:52:36 EST 2001 Conrad Parker <>
* Ported build to use automake+autoconf
* Added README etc.