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zoom-cache: A streamable, seekable, zoomable cache file format

Build Status

These are some of the goals of the zoom-cache format:


* can be written to in streaming manner, with no backseeking


* can be read in one pass with no backseeking
* can be seeked on time-wise
* sections can be extracted
* can be read at varying zoom levels


* Support multiple data types (float/double, int, bool, char)
* support multiple aggregation types for zooming (min/max, mean, rms, all/any,
    text summary)
* Constant or variable bitrates streams


* Simple stream writing interface
* Simple stream reading interface
* Read seek interface
* Read set-zoom-level interface


* Verification
* Info

Interleaved streams

  • Sync points

Index files

  • A documented way of generating time index files

Exploded form

  • one file per stream